"Power Through Teamwork!"

Quality and Safety



Wilhite Electric Inc. infuses quality control into every facet of the project. We thoroughly understand the client’s appreciation will persist long after the project is complete. We insist on excellence throughout the process beginning with preconstruction. Our preconstruction team strives to provide excellent service for all projects in any method of delivery. From design-build to hard bid we will provide our clients with complete electrical preconstruction services.

Our project managers pick up where Preconstruction left off. The project manager will examine the construction documents and perform their own take off, double checking the efforts of the preconstruction team. The project managers perform the buyout and schedule the timely delivery of all materials. Any long lead items are identified and scheduled to be delivered to the job site on time. Any problems are identified early and solved through the RFI process. The submittal process is expedited with utmost attention to detail. A project to-do list is created for every project, which we label as the master list. This list assigns responsibilities to the admin, project manager and field personnel for materials, submittals, RFI’s, change requests, and miscellaneous open items with date listed, date due, and completion dates. The master list guarantees a top quality and timely project. At Wilhite Electric Inc. we take quality seriously.


Protection of people and the environment, while delivering quality products and services, is a Wilhite Electric Inc. core value. Our employees are empowered to drive this value into all operations. Through the culture this creates, we are able to achieve excellence in safety performance. Wilhite Electric Inc.deploys an integrated, company-wide, behavior-based safety management system to fulfill our mission and the expectations of our clients, staff, and communities based on the following principles:

We require all management and supervisory personnel to provide leadership and resources to inspire and empower our employees. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their fellow employees to create a safe, healthy, secure, and environmentally responsible workplace.

We provide value to our clients by tailoring the safety process to customer needs. We require Wilhite Electric Inc.personnel and subcontractors to deliver projects with agility, personal service, and responsiveness. Every employee must comply with safety requirements and company standards to achieve safety excellence. Our performance will aspire to influence others and continually redefine safety excellence.

We systematically evaluate our physical work environment to verify safe, secure work conditions and practices are established, consistently followed, and timely corrected.

We care about the safety of every Wilhite Electric Inc.employee.We expect all employees to embrace our culture, share our core values for the protection of people and the environment, actively participate, and take responsibility.