"Power Through Teamwork!"

Why Wilhite Electric


Wilhite Electric Inc. promotes and shares the following values in all that we do. Our commitment to our customers is to provide trained and skilled electricians, quality workmanship and installation, electrical safety, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates.

We utilize value engineering options, sustainability and lean construction practices. We streamline our construction process to eliminate costly rework, provide real-time value engineering options, reduce energy consumption, eliminate construction waste, and offer multiple solutions to maintain aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

All of our journeymen wiremen are State Certified and participate in continuing education courses and all of our apprentices are enrolled in state certified apprentice training programs because we believe that the highest trained electricians will provide the highest quality products.

Wilhite Electric Inc. is constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainable building practices. We strive to eliminate anything that doesn’t add value to a project and set goals to meet our customer’s needs while using less material in the process.

We use our experience and constantly look for value engineering options to potentially reduce costs, eliminate challenges, and reduce the schedule duration.Once the options are evaluated and solutions identified, we coordinate with the electrical engineer. The last thing Wilhite Electric Inc. wants to do is reduce cost in the electrical division and drive up another division, (i.e. mechanical).

Wilhite Electric Inc.cares about our employees and wants everyone to go home every night safe and sound .We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their fellow employees to create a safe, healthy, secure, and environmentally responsible workplace.

We require a safe and drug-free environment with pre-employment and employment drug testing as part of our full company safety program.

At Wilhite Electric Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of schedule.We work with the general contractor to solve problems before they arise, keeping the job on schedule. We also work with the other trades on the job toassure a smooth flow of work. Wilhite Electric Inc. strives to identifies conflicts and problems ahead of time to solve the problems proactively.

Wilhite Electric Inc’s approach to contract management requires project ownership and involvement on every team.Once awarded a project, we move quickly to ensure the final scope of work is clarified and contracted so the planning, lay-out and buy-out process can initiate. From this meeting we generate follow-up items, to-do items, material lists (identifying long-lead items), prefabrication, a submittal log, and a timeline for layouts. We review the general contractor’s schedule and perform a complete manpower forecast. We then generate three week schedules weekly to ensure we are meeting the overall schedule. This process allows us to proactively solve problems before they arise, identify when materials are needed on-site for projects with limited storage, and identify activities for manpower.

Quality is a main focus at Wilhite Electric Inc.We pride ourselves with zero punch lists, low warranty requests, and a quality far above other contractors.In order to obtain this high quality we have multiple checks and balances. We start with a detailed quality control program used to check every aspect of the project.Depending on the project we may also include a commissioning plan identifying proper installation.